John Lobb

A comprehensive website designed and built for the oldest shoemaker in the world.

Web design \ Web Dev (Webflow)
Yonder Consulting
Hwasoo Shim \ Dahye Song \ Soyoung Park

A neat two-tiered side bar navigation that organise the pages into categories so the user can easily understand the site structure. The first tire smoothly animates into view when the menu button is selected whereas the second tire is only revealed once a category is selected.

There are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to crafting a pair of John Lobbs. The site needed a design solution that showed the vast number of styles clearly and navigably. We divided the footwear pages into men and women, and then furthermore into page sections for types of footwear (shoes, ankle boots, long boots and slippers). Within each of these sections, users can also choose between styles (e.g. Monk or Hilo) and select the discover more button where they can find a page for the variations of shoe style. The style variation pages utilised a CMS system to manage the hundreds of images.

The John Lobb story of 170 plus years is exhibited in a linear animated timeline. The page highlights milestones such the firms first royal warrant, moving to St James Street and recovering from the shop being destroyed in World War II.

Custom e-commerce for a wide range of accessories and leather goods.

The Family
The site also pays homage to the five generations of the family that has kept the business going. Users are able select tabs to reveal the bios of each family member.

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